With Halloween looming, there was one book that was not just begging, but dripping to be stabbed at...Thomas Harris' Hannibal.

It wasn't a night for our vegetarian friends, and as a veggie, I decided to make myself scarce from service after Jude's offal trip to Smithfield meat market.

The hors d'oeuvres were offally sublime (so I'm told!) - chicken liver parfait,  braised ox tongue, beef heart stewed with blueberries and a particular favourite - brain fritters. Dr. Lecter would have been proud.

Bone marrow on toast with chorizo butter and picked vegetables was a particular highlight, such rich and creamy goodness balanced with the sharpness of the veg. For the main we combined the poor title character with Hannibal's famous tipple to create a ten hour slow roasted dream - Lamb with fava bean salsa and a Chianti reduction.

To end it all, in delectably gruesome style, doughnuts were served with syringes full of blood (or rather orange) for each guest to inject at their leisure.

An extra special shout out has to go to the excellent guest who fully embraced the theme and came dressed as a silenced lamb. Serious kudos and a really welcome reminder about why we do this; seeing our guest having an amazing evening and enjoying all the thought and small details that we've had so much fun thinking up is why we do so thank you all so much for coming!