Need Jude baby photo

Once upon a time there was a giddy little girl called Jude, or rather 'fizzy' as her mum would say, who loved to cook. One day, in her fifth year on this planet, Jude's mum woke to find her standing on a chair cooking spaghetti bolognaise from scratch for breakfast.

Twenty-something years of cooking, eating, feasting and entertaining elapsed until Jude decided that she wanted to take her passion for food to the next level and do something on a larger, more formal scale. She considered renting local venues to do a pop-up restaurant, but as well as being costly, none seemed to have the right ambiance. It was then that she realised that the perfect venue was right before her very eyes...she just needed to get me [Helen] and the rest of our housemates on board; to convince us that inviting twenty strangers into our home would be rewarding, fun and most of all exciting. Emilie, Bob, Si and I took no persuading at all! We were all, perhaps surprisingly, incredibly up for the new adventure!

The 'game was afoot!' The first theme - Roald Dahl - materialised quickly as we'd already been discussing themes for a mini summer festival and Dahl's creations were so awe-inspiring that this was one idea discussed but not taken forward. His genius particularly lends itself to food, as we soon realised do so many of our favourite books, and so The Literary Hour was born.

With the support of Grub Club supper club specialist ticketing platform, the first batch of tickets were put on sale and indeed sold out incredibly, and surprisingly, quickly. Who were all these strangers paying to dine in our living room we wondered?! And so it began!